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Team Prevention: Demeter Nikolett (EN)

Team Prevention: Demeter Niki

I am so happy because today I could have a talk with one of the newest member of Team Prevention: Nikolett Demeter. Niki is living in Panama as a Hungarian girl and she joined to Team Prevention -you have already read about them several times-, last year.

Gálosi Gergely: Welcome Niki! I am so happy that we could meet for a short conversation. Let’s start it, because our readers are waiting a lot this article from the time I made an announcement about it. First I want to ask you to tell a few things about yourself, and after that I will have many other questions as well.

Demeter Nikolett: Medical doctor-nutritionist-wellness trainer-triathlete, I am 31 years old, I am leaving in Panama with my boyfriend. I love travelling and preparing healthy foods.

Gálosi Gergely: Nobody could tell about you that you like sitting at home and being bored. How did you meet Team Prevention?

Demeter Nikolett: Angie Segatto found me on Facebook, through a common friend.

Gálosi Gergely: Which are your expectations from yourself to represent TP in the best way?demeter_nikolett1

Demeter Nikolett: Prevention is essential, we can safe lives with the help of it. It is my responsability as a member of Team Prevention to call the attention of people about the importance of it. It can be in a media release, on a race, on an event, etc. If I can achieve it in the case of only one person, I feel that my effort was successful!

Gálosi Gergely: You had a year-opening meeting with Team Prevention where you were discussing about your race calendar for this year. Which is your role in it?

Demeter Nikolett: My race calendar is little bit different from the others, especially because of geographic issues. This year my main races are the following:
– Florida 70.3 IM 12th April
– Boulder 140.6 IM 2nd August
– Budapest 70.3 IM 22nd August

If it happens everything according to my plans, and I could get the qualification slot in Florida, I will participate in the 70.3 IM World Championship in Austria.

Additionally I will be racing on those events which has any connection to triathlon, like short-distance triathlons – olympic and sprint, running – 5, 10, 21, 42 Km, open swimming, duathlon, etc. I will do these races in Panama.demeter_nikolett2

My Hungarian races are depending on my schedule of travelling home. I would like to participate in one of the full distance events of Balatonman.

Gálosi Gergely: How do you train?

Demeter Nikolett: I train six days a week, usually Monday is my rest day. I always do combinations, such as swim-bike or swim-run. Usually on Sundays I have a long bike ride, which is at least 4,5-5 hours. Three times a week I have yoga class to strengthen my core muscles and for stretching-relaxing. Once a week I have a short strength training (30 min) in the gym after running.

Gálosi Gergely: And what about nutrition?

Demeter Nikolett: As I am working in the area of nutrition and healthy lifestyle, for me it is essential. Our performance is determined by of our nutrition in 80%, that’s why is extremely important what we eat. With a balanced nutrition we can have an appopriate and short regeneration time, we can avoid injuries and we can achieve always perfect and continuously improving results. For me it is really important my nutrition before, during and after my trainings. These are essential requirements of a great performance and improving racing time. I mostly eat proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, because I believe that these are the most important for regeneration. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as well. I drink a lot, especially water and during the trainings isotonic drinks.
I am using the nutritional supplements of Herbalife for more than 10 years and I am very satisfied with the result!demeter_niki3

Gálosi Gergely: How do you feel, Hungarian people put enough attention on prevention? Not only on cancer, on other diseases as well.

Demeter Nikolett: Unfortunately not enough. Maybe the situation is a little bit better than a few years ago, but still we have a lot to do. We can hear about the importance of prevention more and more in the media, there are more and more campaigns, but people many times they even can’t hear it. We are working on it to change this, andthat more people take care of prevention.

Gálosi Gergely: I hope that all the members and helpers of TP will have huge successes both in sport and in prevention in the near future, and more people will put attention on prevention. Thanks a lot for today’s discussion. I hope we can meet again soon!

Demeter Nikolett: Thanks a lot!

If you like to follow Niki’s everyday activities, I recommend you her athlete page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NikolettDemeter?fref=ts

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